Win Shortsale Bids With a Love Letter

Competition can be stiff for prime Orange County real estate, especially in distressed sales where owner is upside down. Many times bids will be considered too high to meet appraisal rules and leaving the owner with a decision on which qualified buyer to accept. That’s why an increasing number of buyers are writing love letters to owners. MNR Realty has helped numerous buyers critique letters to Sellers which have resulted in an open esrow rather than no response. Some important points your letter may want to cover are what you liked about the home, how well-maintained it was, mention the beautiful granit work in the kitchen, the friendly neighbors and how much your children would love to play at the end of the safe cul-de-sac. We include a few lines highlighting the buyer’s résumés and assure the couple selling their home of 10 years that our buyers will take steps to maintain the home.