How Much is My Home Worth?

Four Things to Consider When Valuing Your Home:

     #1 What are Similar Homes in Your Neighborhood Selling for?

     #2 What are the Price Trends in Your Area (One Month, Six Month, Twelve Month)?

     #3 What is the Current Price Differential Between List Price and Purchase Price?

     #4 How Much Time Will it Take to Sell My Home if I Price Correctly (Days on Market)?

Let us Help You Answer These Questions and More. Simply Send an E-mail With Your Property Address and the Words “Home Value Request” in the Subject Line to Please Allow 24hrs to Process Home Value Request.

Tips to Pricing Your Home in Today’s Market

The key to selling your home quickly for more money is to list for the right price. An initial price that is too high will result in the home languishing on the market while listing grows stale. List the property too cheap and you’ll be kicking yourself down the road. So what’s the trick? Work with an agent who knows your market and is experienced enough to know identify the tipping point between a nice, attractive and interesting listing versus a sale. There are many aspects of value to consider such as the comparables for similar houses, price trends, market direction, and days on market expected for each price point. Answers to these questions are neighborhood specific which is why it’s so important to hire an experienced Agent who has a pulse on today’s market.

How to Prepare your Home for Sale

For many Sellers, preparing a home for sale means dusting off furniture and mopping floors. With this approach the homeowner will almost certainly experience a high volume of calls from bargain hunters looking for that cheap fixer. Offers, if any, will most often reflect “As-Is” condition, which is usually a lot lower than the listing price. Sellers become frustrated as the house lanquishes on the market for months which eventually leads price cuts, prolonged periods of invasion of privacy or worse the home never sells. Don’t let this happen to you. Our goal is to assist in the sale of your home quickly and as profitably as possible. To acheive this goal we need your help to stage the home. This may take a nominal amount of money but will reduce days on market and put more money in your pocket.

Win Shortsale Bids With a Love Letter

Competition can be stiff for prime Orange County real estate, especially in distressed sales where owner is upside down. Many times bids will be considered too high to meet appraisal rules and leaving the owner with a decision on which qualified buyer to accept. That’s why an increasing number of buyers are writing love letters to owners. MNR Realty has helped numerous buyers critique letters to Sellers which have resulted in an open esrow rather than no response. Some important points your letter may want to cover are what you liked about the home, how well-maintained it was, mention the beautiful granit work in the kitchen, the friendly neighbors and how much your children would love to play at the end of the safe cul-de-sac. We include a few lines highlighting the buyer’s résumés and assure the couple selling their home of 10 years that our buyers will take steps to maintain the home.